Apply innovation and new technologies

Our mission is to future-proof energy exports through industrial-scale research and innovation by decarbonising LNG and lowering the cost of clean hydrogen production.

KETH site design advantages

  • High level of instrumentation for detailed monitoring and analysis
  • Provision for future research modules to be added to the facility
  • Tie-in points to enable both full-flow and slipstream connections to research equipment


De-risking, Testing & Training

The KETH will be a world-first, large-scale demonstration facility that will develop innovative solutions to transform energy sectors, economies and deliver a lower-carbon future.

LNG & Hydrogen

Working to achieve/deliver Net Zero – the bridge between existing and new energies.


As the KETH progresses it will deliver a range of training services to meet its investor and participants’ needs.


KETH programs will always be led and prioritised by our participants’ business needs.