Technology and innovation are critical elements in lowering development costs and improving the availability and utilisation of LNG plants.

Investment in this facility will help operators improve returns and plant performance and minimise personnel risk and exposure.

KETH is seeking additional industry partners to invest in return for an equity stake in the project.

Equity investors will be provided:

  • Priority access to the facilities to test propriety research
  • Access to broader KETH Intellectual Property (e.g. through licencing arrangements)
  • First-mover advantage in the Western Australian hydrogen market
  • Potential to influence the operations and future strategy of the facility

We are in a state of transition

While other industries like manufacturing have become more productive and efficient in recent decades, the traditional energy sector largely uses technologies developed decades ago.

To remain competitive and participate in the energy transition we must move quickly to embrace innovation and technology and make products like LNG and hydrogen and the processes that produce them more efficient, productive, safer, smarter, more innovative and less carbon-intensive.